Another Knock-Out!

Marshall, Texas has a reputation as a tough place for defendants accused of patent infringement. But the Barnes & Roberts team is helping to change this reputation – one fight at a time. On Friday, September 23rd, a Marshall jury returned a knock-out victory of non-infringement for handset seller, HTC America. Additionally, the jury found by clear and convincing evidence that the claims asserted by Mobile Telecommunications Technologies (MTel) were invalid.

Congratulations for the victory belong to our clients Jerry Selinger, Susan Powley and Trampas Kurth, of the patent powerhouse Patterson + Sheridan in Dallas.

Tranxition Patents Found To Be Invalid

Judge Marco Hernandez in the District of Oregon has ruled that Tranxition’s U.S. Patents 6,728,877 and 7,346,766 are invalid under Section 101 of the Patent Act. In the case Transition v. Lenovo, the defendant filed a Motion for Summary Judgement under Section 101, and the court found that the claims were ineligible for a patent because they present an abstract idea without sufficient inventiveness.