“On the Jury Trial” – Melsheimer and Smith

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“On The Jury Trial”

Our long-time friend and client, one of the great trial lawyers of our time, Tom Melsheimer, has written this wonderful book with his friend and colleague, Judge Craig Smith. “On The Jury Trial” speaks to the importance of trial lawyers to our system of justice and is filled with insight, strategies and techniques that will help any lawyer, new or well seasoned, to become a more effective advocate in the courtroom. It’s receiving some very high praise from the likes of Lisa Blue, Steve Susman, Mark Lanier, and Dick Sayles among others.

“Its combination of advice, illustration, and commentary is every bit as valuable as it is unique. There is no better picture, in my view, of how to prepare for a jury trial. Every litigator should have this book on the shelf, no matter the state where they practice.” Judge Royal Ferguson (ret.)

With subjects including voir dire, preparing witnesses, conducting direct and cross examinations, closing arguments, demonstratives, and more, you’ll get the inside scoop from the trial lawyer’s perspective as well as the judge’s. Jason Barnes was honored and pleased to provide the chapter illustrations and, together with Sully Ridout, the design of the cover. It is the second book published this year to which Jason was a contributor. (“Images with Impact” by Ruttenberg)

Noted author and trial lawyer, Michael Tigar, says that every lawyer should read this book. We would add that every trial consultant should do the same. As trial consultants, we shape the presentation of evidence and argument to jurors in every case. Fluency in the techniques, understanding the strategies, and familiarity with the preparatory practices of great trial lawyers makes us all the more effective at our jobs. At Barnes & Roberts, our consultants have been steeped in these subjects in countless war rooms and court rooms since 1998.