Krista2Senior Office Coordinator


In Greek mythology there is a character called Proteus who has the gift of shape-changing. With Krista, The Focal Point may just have discovered a modern day person with such capabilities. While her main responsibility is to serve as the senior office coordinator, she has, as well, mastered a myriad of other areas within the company. She is an excellent proofreader, support meeting organizer, and serves as a primary point of contact for clients and outside vendors. 

Being organized is an artistry, and Krista is a virtuoso in this area. As senior office coordinator, she performs bookkeeping, employee timekeeping, and many other operational duties that keep the Dallas office sleekly gliding forward. Her eye for details has, on more than one occasion, led a co-worker to exclaim, “Oh, how did I miss that?” Krista remains, though, ever patient, equanimous, and friendly with all of the mere mortals in the office.

Fiercely dedicated to The Focal Point’s success, she aspires to involve herself in more areas of the company. In particular, she is interested in becoming involved in the Graphic Design Department. Given her proclivity for metamorphosis and her keen eye for detail, we know she’ll master that area as well.

“There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew.”
—Marshall McLuhan